Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Crib or Moses Basket for a Mini Baby Doll - Free Knitting Pattern

Crib or Moses Basket for Mini Baby Doll

Designed by our resident fashion designer, Stevie, this crib will keep your mini baby doll snug for her shoebox journey and new life beyond.

It was designed to fit the Little Baby Doll from Wilkinsons in the UK.  These sweet dolls measure 6 3/4 - 7 inches (17cm) from head to toe.

If you use this, or any of our patterns, we'd love to see photos of what you make.

Alison used Stevie's pattern to create this lovely version.

Crib or Moses Basket for Mini Baby Doll


Use two strands of DK (8 ply, light worsted) yarn on size 7 needles (4.5mm)


Cast on 25 stitches
Knit one row
Increase one stitch at start of next 4 rows to 29 st
Knit 5 rows
K2 tog at one end for next four rows
Cast off

SIDES (Knit two or baby will fall out)

Cast on 35 stitches
Knit one row
Increase one stitch at start of next 5 rows to 40 st
Knit 10 rows
Cast off

Sew pieces together (squidging where necessary) to make a basket shape.

Finger knit the handles using a double strand of wool.
Make them long enough for a child to carry the crib.


Cast on about 36 stitches and knit until it is long enough.

Both Alison and Steve made a pillow for their baskets.  Please be aware that Operation Christmas Child UK recently advised me that the 'no handmade stuffed toys' rule also extends to filling, stuffing, batting and wadding in items other than toys such as doll beds.  This is the official rule which may or may not be applied in practice by the checkers at your local warehouse.  If you are sending your shoebox with OCC UK, I would advise that it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to risk adding a stuffed pillow to your basket.

Click here for Stevie's new knitting pattern for the mini baby doll.

Click here for Stevie's new sewing pattern for the mini baby doll.

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