Colouring Booklets

We have created simple colouring booklets using free images that we found on the internet.  They are to be printed out and placed inside shoeboxes.  They are not to be sold.  Please do not reproduce them elsewhere on the internet.

Once printed, you can fold, staple or bind the pages together as you prefer.  Or how about this cool idea from our friends at Simply Shoe Boxes?

Please make sure you choose the correct option for your paper size.


I love the printable colouring in books you have put together and shared. It's inspired me to put together colouring and activity packs in A5 envelopes with your pages, coloured paper and other activity sheets such as how to draw sheets, mazes, simple origami instructions and dot to dots that I've found online. Before I struggled to find box sized books to include and now all of them have interesting activities and pictures to colour that are age appropriate.” ~ Elizabeth C on Facebook


  1. These are great!!!! Thanks for sharing these so we can all share them with boys and girls.

  2. Mine are not printing correctly. The pictures are justified to the right. What can I do to change this?

    1. Hi Shannon. Sorry to hear this. Did you choose the correct version for your paper size? I wonder if it is something in your printer settings that is causing this to happen. Nicky has suggested on Facebook that you select the 'shrink to fit' option in the settings menu on your computer. I hope you can get it to work.

  3. Mine also shifts to the right, but when my print screen comes up, I have a box than can be checked that says "fit to page". You may also fide this uner a "more options" link.


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